People remember stories far more than they remember facts and figures.

The primary goal of every company is to win the competition even before starting the race with the competitors. Therefore, the trade fairs are the show stages of the industry and are designed individually and intensively long time ahead. Sales-generating emotions are created by our model and event hostesses, who promote the brands effective, as well as our moderators and promotional hostesses who are aware of the sensitivity of the right timing for an effective approach. Trade fairs also offer the immense advantage of having brands and products evaluated on the spot and parallellaly by the professional international audience. Our interviewing hostesses specifically ask for the purchasing behaviour, and assist in the lead generation and lead management and provide current, valuable and most of all measurable results.
A further key to effectively underpin the sustainability of the exhibition is the organization of after-show parties, whose charming surroundings are formed by our gala and event hostesses.